You Can Buy Games From Poundland For A Fiver! have revealed that Poundland is entering the video games market by selling games for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 for £5 with Wii U titles possibly added at a later date. The games won’t be brand new like other high street retailers though. It will include a mix of both new and professionally refurbished lines and will come from Music Magpie an online seller and purchaser of second hand goods.

What is Music Magpie?
Music Magpie is a company where you can sell your old unwanted stuffs like DVDs, CDs, games, mobile phones and so on or, you can buy those second hand stuffs which other people have sold in it.

At present, 350 Poundland stores around the UK now stock these games, with a further 50 stores due to introduce the range in March. And, in keeping with the core Poundland ethos, no title will be sold for more than £5.

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