I see you’ve come from GhostStorm News.

Here’s why the site has changed so much.

On 30th August 2008 I purchased and it was originally setup as a gaming clan/group for an old Playstation 3 game, WARHAWK. Over the years it slowly turned into a Gaming News and Reviews website, I had staff but they left to start their own site when I split with my ex-partner because I didn’t have regular internet access for a while.

Last year I was plagued with issues from various errors to downtime on my site and this seemed to be a ploy by the then webhosts to move over to their more expensive packages. So I moved hosts to one that promised me a better service, more extras such as unlimited storage for around the same price each month. Which all sounded great, then it got worse.

Due to some strange reason or another they couldn’t migrate my data so that meant I lost over 8 years of work, posts, images etc and I was given a partial refund for the inconvenience, nearly a year on and I’ve still had various issues from down time to the most recent being that images are deleted after 24 hours of another one being uploaded.

I opened a support ticket and was basically told that it was me at fault, even though I had been no where near my site and they assured me that out of their 2000+ customers I was the only one with the issue. On Wednesday of last week which was the last time I had heard from them, I was told that they would keep an eye on logs etc and see what happens. Below is a screenshot taken earlier today showing you the state of my site. As you can see only 1 image is still present.

Over the past 8 years I have spent thousands of hours reaching out to companies for competitions, the latest news on their games and products and trying to allow them to send me review copies of various games .

Now my website has been shown to be unreliable, unreachable at times and just down right amateurish I have had no option but to come to the decision to close it.

I will however be starting a new, fresh website which will be hosted elsewhere with a new name.

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support!


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