Endless Space 2 – Available Now On Steam

Endless Space 2 has officially left Early Access and launched today, ready for players to jump in and play. The last and final faction, The Unfallen, was completely designed by the community through Amplitudes Games2Gether platform.

The game’s launch was recently jeopardized as the studio had been hijacked by an A.I. gone rogue that had taken over all of Amplitude’s tools and communications channels. After a month of research and discussion with the A.I. ‘E.N.F.E.R.’, the community managed to get it into quarantine, and during a special stream last night, the devs were able to lock down the A.I. for good, which resulted in Endless Space 2 launching a day earlier than expected.

Crafting Endless Space 2 has been a long and rewarding journey! As always, our community has been an outstanding and creative partner in the game’s development, and it has been such an honor to be able to implement an entire civilization into the game that was designed by them.

We look forward to everyone getting a chance to play the game now, and seeing the different places the Endless Universe will take you.

– Romain de Waubert de Genlis, Creative Director of Amplitude Studios

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