Euro Truck Simulator 2: Heavy Cargo Pack DLC Is Available Now

Following previous announcements that NEW DLC was being developed, SCS have announced that new DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2 – the Heavy Cargo Pack is here!

Along with this new pack, there is a lot of content which will be added into the base game as a FREE update for everyone. But first, let’s check out the new content in the DLC:

New Cargoes

The 8 new heavy haul cargoes are:

  • Asphalt Miller
  • Industrial Cable Reel
  • Concrete Beams
  • Crawl Dozer
  • Locomotive
  • Metal Centering
  • Mobile Crane
  • Transformer

New Trailers

The new DLC contains a pair of new high-tech trailers: Single Extendable Flatbed and Semi Lowloader with Drop Deck. These trailers come with steerable axles for safer navigation around tight bends.

So what is the free content?

New Truck Chassis Variants and Tuning

While working on the new heavy cargoes, SCS Software were inspired to take a look into special transport variants of truck tractors. A lot of the community has been asking for 8×4 chassis options for quite a while, and this is a great opportunity to finally introduce them into the game. The 8×4 chassis option is not available for all the trucks in the game at this moment, but SCS have made it it available for Mercedes-Benz New Actros, Volvo FH 2012, and both Scania R and Streamline trucks.

The new chassis variants are a free part of today’s game update, so you can try them out immediately even without buying the Heavy Cargo Pack DLC. For each new vehicle variant, there is also a set of new paint jobs, to make you feel real unique and anxious for the more difficult challenges. In addition, there has been several new truck tuning accessories added to the game, such as wheel tuning parts.

Truck Analysis Screen

With the new heavy loads, you may find out that not all trucks are equally suitable for hauling them. There are technical as well as legal limitations and implications for transporting heavy cargo in the real wold, and while Euro Truck Simulator 2 is only a game, SCS Software felt that the players should be aware of them. All manufacturers offer a wide range of options for the trucks, and the companies that buy them try their best to optimize the configuration to best suit their needs, while making the purchase economical – both at the time of purchase and even more importantly while operating them.

The new Truck Analysis screen is the game’s attempt to indicate the suitability of a particular truck configuration for various operational scenarios and conditions. This new feature works in the upgrade shop too, where it may help you configure your truck to best fit your goals and budget.

The Truck Analysis screen doesn’t impose any restricitions on your choice of vehicle, it is only there as a guide. But SCS believe it may be a good idea to pay attention to the advice. You may make the screen disapper with a single click, but half an hour later, you may find yourself in real trouble trying to pass a difficult spot in the world, and upset that you have not made a wiser choice of the truck to pull the heavy cargo.

Until the 19th May the DLC has been reduced by 10% making it only £3.59, after the 19th it will return to £3.99

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