HEX: Shards of Fate – Chronicles of Entrath: Chapter 2 Release Date Announced

This week Gameforge and developers HEX Entertainment are releasing the latest campaign update to the digital TCG HEX: Shards of Fate. The update offers around 40 hours of additional content, new unique cards and introduces an entirely new class with the Ranger. The addition of mercenaries brings entirely new possibilities to the world of Entrath. These supplementary characters allow players to bring extra decks into HEX’s dungeons, giving themselves more strategic leeway to react to various game mechanics.

New Class Blends Ranged and Melee Combat

Players can enjoy an entirely fresh experience in the campaign with the new Ranger class. Well versed in the art of survival, Rangers show prowess with both melee and ranged skills, enjoying the companionship of their animal pets who support them with powerful abilities.

PvE Mercenaries

Joining the new class comes the arrival of the mercenaries in HEX. After each battle in the campaign, players now have the option of swapping out their heroes for a mercenary with fixed stats and a specially created deck. Mercenaries can be collected and traded in the game like items of equipment. Each mercenary has a unique power at their disposal, opening up further strategic options to the players. The campaign dungeons will receive additional challenges for mercenaries with this update.

New Naval Missions for Campaign and Increased Level Cap

The second chapter opens up an innovative naval campaign, as players captain a ship to sail across the Alachian Sea. The ship features its own talent tree with new abilities, and replaces the champion in all battles at sea. During missions, players earn rewards and unlocks upgrades to further bolster the ship. Chronicles of Entrath: Chapter 2 also increases the level cap in the campaign to 15, unlocking new talents for the existing Mage, Warrior and Cleric classes.

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