Phantom Dust Will Arrive TODAY On Xbox One & Windows 10 As A Play Anywhere Title

Fans of the quirky original Xbox card-turn-third-person-fighting game Phantom Dust now have more than just the re-master’s updated 16:9 aspect ratios and support for 1080p or 4K resolutions to look forward to.

As reported originally by Polygon, Aaron Greenberg – head of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft – has announced that the re-release will be making its way to PC and Xbox One as a Play Anywhere title on May 16th. As a Play Anywhere title, you’ll be able to use the same save game across Xbox One and PC, while the multiplayer will also feature cross-play between both platforms.

Greenberg also later revealed via Twitter that the game will be free forever as ‘a free gift to our amazing fans‘.

Phantom Dust mixes action and strategy in a new kind of fighting game. After the apocalypse, a small group of humans survived underground. When they finally emerged, they found a world where everyone and everything is covered in something called Phantom Dust. This dust gives people supernatural powers they use for survival. When the underground dwellers come to the surface, they’re covered in the Phantom Dust and their deadly adventure begins.

This re-release will feature improved frame rates and enhanced graphics as confirmed by the developers, and should stand at around 8 GB. The game will also support Xbox Live and be an Xbox Play Anywhere title. Get ready to jump back in and collect some new achievements!

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