Tiny Game Dev from Anshar Studios Is Out Today For Free On iOS

If you’ve ever wondered how it feels to be the head of a gamedev studio, develop your own games, and hire new employees, now you can find out. Thanks to Anshar Studios, you’ll be able to have your own game development company in your pocket. Tiny Game Dev is now available on the App Store.

‘Utopia VII’, ‘Gran Tour’, ‘Morbid Kombatant’, or whatever you can imagine – coming up with a title is just the beginning. Set in a fun, cartoony world, you’ll manage employees, expand your office, plan budgets, and much, much more in this amusing and extremely engaging game.

Tiny Game Dev is a mobile clicker/sim where the goal is to set up and run a game development studio. The player needs to hire new workers, upgrade their staff’s skills, and build new floors in the office. There are also games in development that need direct attention – the player can select from different genres, themes, and platforms, each of which has a number of options to choose from. Developing games will also mean the player deals with production budgets and future revenues, which all depend on the scale, genre, and platform picked for a particular project. The random title generator will help players come up with unusual and often hilarious titles for each finished project, but of course the player will still be able to type anything that comes to mind.


  • Randomly generated titles.
  • Humor based on popular video games.
  • Different themes, genres, and platforms to choose from.
  • Upgradable floors.
  • Achievement system.

The game will be released on the App Store on January 26th this year. It will be free with optional in-app purchases.

Download it from: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/tinygamedev/id1068142224?mt=8

Or click the button below:

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