Wild West Online Launches Into Closed Alpha

Highly-anticipated online multiplayer Western game Wild West Online has launched into Closed Alpha as a series of closed tests. From these initial tests, the developer will gather player feedback to shape the future of Wild West Online, ensure server stability and test that the game systems are working as intended. Players interested in getting a slice of the game in Closed Alpha can purchase Wild West Online at http://www.playwwo.com/.

During the multi-week Closed Alpha timeframe, players will experience a “Gold Rush” setting gameplay style. In this release, most activities will focus on finding gold, mining it from streams and rock deposits, and grouping with other players to establish mining camps before then transporting hard-earned gold to towns to be sold for in-game currency. Throughout the process players must beware of outlaws – other players who have chosen to play as bandits that will ambush, kill and steal gold from hard working prospectors. Players can also embark on exploratory explorations in search of treasure loot chests and rare plants that can be used to craft medical remedies. Throughout the game players can upgrade their weapons, tools and unlock new cosmetic items.

“Rather than present ‘Alpha Early Access’ as a fully functional product that still has a multitude of bugs and needs more time to reach stability, we are instead using the term ‘Alpha’ in a more traditional way” “This is a rough version of what the game will be, but it’s not a fully scoped game.  We’re giving players a glimpse at what the game will be, as well a chance to directly influence our development process by giving feedback in response to a true game Alpha. We want to hear constructive feedback and work with our community to build a game that can be enjoyed for many years to come.”

– Executive Producer Stephan Bugaj.

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